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NKVet, The Nordic Committee for Veterinary Scientific Cooperation, was founded in 1977 by the five Nordic Veterinary Associations.

NKVet aims are to promote increased veterinary research cooperation between veterinarians and researchers within the Nordic countries by organising meetings on topics within veterinary sciences relevant for a broad Nordic audience including scientists, veterinarians, decision makers and stakeholders.

The symposia have been open to all and the proceedings are always published. Since 1995, the official language of the symposia and the proceedings have been English and are therefore available for participants from outside the Nordic region, in particular the Baltic countries, and facilitated the invitation of experts from countries outside the Nordic countries.

NKVet is administered by a Board consisting of nine members, one from Iceland and two from each of the other Nordic countries. The Board members are nominated among employees at the veterinary universities and national veterinary institutes, and elected by their respective national veterinary associations. The work they perform for the NKVet is based on voluntary work and no compensation, except travel expenses to board meetings, is paid by the NKVet. The Board meets twice a year, normally in conjunction with the annual symposia